Most Used Character 5

Fifth Most Commonly Used Chinese Character

This is the fifth of eight pages about Chinese characters' appearance frequency.

Fifth Most Used Chinese Character

appearance score: # 5
frequency: 1.0999916%
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A Very Simple Example of Usage

translation: Apples got red.

AppleRed(indicates the completion of the change)
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-Used after a verb or an adjective to indicate the completion of an action or of a change. The action or the change may be:
1. already occurred in the past;
2. expected, anticipated or supposed to occur in the future
-Used at the end of a sentence to indicate changes or the emergence of a new situation. It may be that:
1. the new situation has already arisen in the past;
2. the new situation is expected to arise in the future;
3. a certain new situation may arise on certain conditions;
4. the change refers to a change in one's point of view, understanding, opinion, conduct
-Used at the end of an imperative sentence when urging, advising, warning someone against doing something
-Used at the end of a sentence with a time-measure complement to indicate that the action (or the result of the action) has not ended
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-Finish, complete, end, fulfill, dispose of, settle; understand, know, realize
-Used with de5 or bu4 after a verb to indicate possibility
-Entirely, a bit
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-Survey, watch from a height or a distance

This character has a different traditional version.

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In this page you found all details about this Chinese characters. Anyway, if you really want to learn how to use it, I suggest you start from Lesson 1 of the "1,000 Chinese Characters" FREE Daily Course - click here for the course.

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