6 Most Used Characters

Top 6 Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters Making Up 10% of All the Spoken and Written Chinese Language!

This is the second of eight pages about Chinese characters' appearance frequency.

The following characters are the 6 most frequently used ones, making up 10% of all spoken and written Chinese language:

In other words, whatever you read or say in Chinese, every 100 characters you find them 10 times!

In the previous page we've already met the top #1 first character. Now and in the next few pages we are going to introduce the next ones, one per page. Here is Chinese character #2.

Second Most Used Chinese Character

appearance score: # 2
frequency: 1.5765677%
Character Help
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Very Simple Examples of Usage

Translation: One.


Translation: Eleven.


Translation: Twenty-one.

Pronunciation Help
ATTENTION: When alone, before shi2 or at the end of a word or a sentence, it is pronounced in the first tone. When it precedes a syllable of the first, second or third tone, it is pronounced in the fourth tone. It is pronounced in the second tone when it is followed by a fourth tone.
Meaning Help
-One; same; also; whole; wholehearted; single; each
-As soon as
-A note (equivalent to 7) of the scale in gongchepu (a traditional Chinese musical notation)
-Used as structural particle:
1. indicating that the action occurs once, lasts for a short time or is a try;
2. used before a verb or a verbal measure word to indicate an action and its result;
3. used before certain words for emphasis

There's no difference between the simplified and the traditional version of this character.Help

In this page you found all details about this Chinese characters. Anyway, if you really want to learn how to use it, I suggest you start from Lesson 1 of the "1,000 Chinese Characters" FREE Daily Course - click here for the course.

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