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Discover the #1 Most Frequently Used Single Chinese Character!

Yes, learn this one single Chinese character and you'll know 4% of all printed material in Chinese.

Add to it five more Chinese characters and you'll know 10% of all written material in Chinese.

152 characters make up 50% of the usage of Chinese language...

...and if you keep on learning until you know the 1,000 most frequently used Chinese characters, the percentage of Chinese language knowledge would raise to 89%!

It might seem a big surprise to someone, but only 6 Chinese characters make 10% of the usage of Chinese language, 152 characters make up 50% and 1,000 characters make up 89%.

At first, we didn't believe it!

... until we had to bow to the evidence...

The picture below has been taken from the home page of the famous Chinese web site www.china.com.cn

The characters highlighted in yellow are those characters belonging to the list of 1,000 most frequently used Chinese characters.

Home page of 
The Chinese symbols that
you'll learn in the course
'1,000 Chinese Characters' 
are highlighted in yellow.

The characters highlighted in yellow are those characters belonging to the list of 1,000 most frequently used Chinese characters.

When we saw how YELLOW was the result, we couldn't believe our eyes!

Now we are absolutely sure, this is the real proof that after you learn the most frequently used characters, you'll be able to speak, read and understand almost everything of what you find in Chinese!

Click here to learn how to read, write and use the 1,000 most frequently used Chinese characters

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- I heard you -
"Do you mean 12345?"
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Chinese Name

Chinese name
Ralph (male)

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Chinese Symbol

-Light; clear and loud
-A surname

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Hello Italy!

Un piccolo ritaglio italiano in questo mio sito tutto in inglese, giusto per farvi notare che so parlare anche italiano :-)

Oltre a insegnare il cinese (sia online che in lezioni private), dall'altro mio sito, cioè giusepperomanazzi.com, gestisco il mio lavoro di traduttore. Le lingue da cui e in cui traduco sono l'italiano, l'inglese e il cinese.

Non mi reputo un traduttore "tecnologico" - quando traduco sono lì alla scrivania con tre o quattro vocabolari aperti, gli occhiali inforcati e sì, il mio computer nel quale riverso quanto creato, ma non utilizzo nessun programma automatico o assistito. Questo mi fa essere più lento, ma per ora mi piace così.

Per questioni di traduzioni, sentitevi comunque anche liberi di usare i link per contattarmi contenuti in questo sito, tanto arriva tutto a me, ovunque io sia.

Aggiornamento 10 gennaio 2013: Sto per iniziare a tradurre le pagine dei nomi e dei simboli cinesi in italiano. Tra poco, dunque, ci sarà una sezione del sito in italiano!

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