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Learn Chinese - Here You Learn Chinese The Fastest Way Because You Focus Your Time And Effort On The Most Frequently Used Chinese Words And Characters!

The following is amazing (and has been proved again and again!):

  • Only 1 single character, the most frequently used, makes up as much as 4% of all spoken and written Chinese language;

  • Only 6 characters make 10% of the usage of Chinese language;

  • Only 152 characters make up 50% of whatever you say, listen or read in Chinese;

  • Only 1,000 characters make up over 89% of the usage of Chinese.

Can you see how all of that precious information positively affects you?

That is great information! You can be sure that everything you listen or read, or everything you will want to say or write in Modern Chinese, 89% of that is composed of a relatively small number of words and characters.

It means that you can focus your effort and time on those word and characters! (instead of words chosen AT RANDOM or 50,000 different characters!)

Why would you want to waste time and effort trying to memorize words that, chances are, you'd never use again?

Click here for the list of the 1000 most commonly used characters.

Some of the things you will learn here at www.WearYourChineseName.com include:

  • Which Chinese characters are used most frequently.

  • The importance of "pinyin in the background".

  • How to master the intonation of ALL Chinese words learning only 20 sound combinations.

  • How to maximize the benefits of online lessons.

  • How to "think Chinese" as soon as possible.

Giuseppe Romanazzi is a well known teacher and public speaker at Chinese Conventions in Italy. He learned Chinese, as you want to, and now he wants to share his knowledge and methods with you. From the site www.WearYourChineseName.com he has managed to give you the information and knowledge you need to make Chinese language your second language.

Giuseppe is very excited to share his learning Chinese secrets and strategies with you.

Once you've learned to approach Chinese language the right way, you will increase your chances of seeing the good results Giuseppe sees with each and every student of him. WearYourChineseName and Giuseppe will show you how you can progress fast by concentrating your efforts in the right areas.

Two simple steps to start:

  1. Accept the free lessons offered when you click on Giuseppe Romanazzi's face at the top of this page;

  2. Click here on the link to the "1,000 Chinese Characters" Daily Course and enjoy your learn Chinese navigation!

We will share all our knowledge and expertise guiding you on your learning journey and helping you to focus on the most commonly used words and symbols - using at best your time and energies.

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