Learn Chinese for Free - Lesson 35

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Today's Chinese characters:


How to read a year.

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Today with this lesson your knowledge of Chinese characters will reach 19.7% of all the Chinese language usage!

Characters' Essentials

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Description and Examples

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This year

How to write and read a year

Simply write the number followed by and read every single figure.

NOTE: Number zero () can also be written .

All the following examples are correct:


The following example is wrong:

ATTENTION: Cannot read , must read er4 líng líng líng , every single figure.

Sentence Structure 22
Nominal Predicate Sentence - Part 1

The sentence with a nominal predicate is a sentence in which the main element of the predicate is a noun, a nominal construction or a compound consisting of a numeral and a measure word.

In the affirmative sentence, is not used ( is used in the sentence with a verbal predicate).

This type of sentence is mainly used to show time, age, one's birthplace, and quantity.



Nominal Predicate


Write and read aloud (in Chinese) the year of your birth, the present year, and the next year.

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Characters' Details

Chinese Character 73 of 1000

appearance score: # 45
frequency: 0.3110462%
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-Year; New Year; age; a period in one's life; a period in history; harvest
-Annual, yearly
-(A surname)

This character has a different traditional version.

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(same as simplified one's)

Extra Chinese Character 1003

appearance score: # 2001
frequency: 0.0000001%
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Zero, 0

There's no difference between the simplified and the traditional version of this character.Help

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