Learn Chinese for Free - Lesson 12

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Today's Chinese character:

Character Knowledge Meter
Today with this lesson your knowledge of Chinese characters will reach 9.46% of all the Chinese language usage!

Characters' Essentials

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-To be

Description and Examples

is the 1st most frequently used verb and the 3rd most frequently used character!

What I'm going to say might muddle you, but sooner or later I had to: can perform the function not only of a verb, but also of an adverb, of a noun, of an adjective, of a pronoun, and of an interjection!

as a verb:

Sentence Structure 2
The Declarative “是” Sentence - Part 1

The "" sentence is a sentence with its predicate composed by the verb together with its object. Its declarative basic form is "AB".



as an adverb:

Sentence Structure 3
“是” For Emphasis

, stressed, may be used as an adverb to indicate certainty. For example, in a verbal predicate sentence it may be put before the verb.


meaning: I really love her.

as a noun:

Sentence Structure 4

is also a Chinese surname, even if not at all common. Surnames must be put before titles. So let's say we find a teacher whose surname is . We would call her 老师 (that is SURNAME + TITLE) and would cacophonically say "老师".


You have 31 new friends, 31 new Chinese characters! Please review their "faces", exercise your imagination and tell me what their shapes look like. You'll get great help - the more crazy the idea, the better the memorization of the character.

That's all for today. I wish you like my website and go on clicking and clicking on its other sections!

Characters' Details

Chinese Character 29 of 1000

appearance score: # 3
frequency: 1.3516463%
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-To be
-Yes, right
-(Used as verb:
1. ties two things, indicating that they are identical or that the second explains or states the case of the first;
2. together with , indicates a sorting on the basis of the declared characteristic;
3. indicates existence;
4. indicates concession;
5. preceded and followed by the same noun or verb and then preceded and followed by another noun or verb, indicates that the two things or actions have nothing to do with each other;
6. before a noun, indicates fitness or suitability;
7. forms an alternative or negative question;
8. at the beginning of a sentence for emphasis;
9. means praise, justify)
-(Used as adverbial word, stressed, indicates certainty)
-Correct; true
-This; all, any
-Important affairs
-(A surname)

There's no difference between the simplified and the traditional version of this character.Help

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