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Read Chinese - When You Read Chinese Characters, Discover How To Let Pinyin Help You, Not Distract You From Characters! Here The Perfect Compromise!

In the online daily course "1,000 Chinese Characters", in all dialogues what you normally see are Chinese characters, so you can concentrate on characters, not being distract by pinyin.

But what if you don't know a character?

Well, you just need to roll the mouse pointer over the character to read its pinyin!

Get your free lessons as offered when you click on my face at the top of this page and see by yourself what I mean.

Furthemore, the course guides you to learn the 6, 152 and 1,000 most frequently written and spoken characters.

All my students agree on this point: "pinyin behind characters" is the perfect compromise to help you concentrate on reading Chinese characters. I'm sure you too will like how the 360 lessons of the course guides you to reach your goal of being able to read Chinese!

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