Most Used Character 3

Character's use score #3
Frequency 1.3516463%


A Very Simple Example

Translation: She is Mary.




Yes, right


Used as verb:

1. ties two things, indicating that they are identical or that the second explains or states the case of the first;

2. together with de5, indicates a sorting on the basis of the declared characteristic;

3. indicates existence;

4. indicates concession;

5. preceded and followed by the same noun or verb and then preceded and followed by another noun or verb, indicates that the two things or actions have nothing to do with each other;

6. before a noun, indicates fitness or suitability;

7. forms an alternative or negative question;

8. at the beginning of a sentence for emphasis;

9. means praise, justify


As adverbial word, stressed, indicates certainty


Correct; true


This; all, any


Important affairs


A surname

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