6 Most Used Characters

These Are The 6 Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters Making Up 10% of All the Spoken and Written Chinese Language!

The following characters are the 6 most frequently used ones, making up 10% of all spoken and written Chinese language:


In other words, whatever you read or say in Chinese, every 100 characters you find them 10 times!

Character's use score #2
Frequency 1.5765677%


Very Simple Examples

Translation: One.


Translation: Eleven.


Translation: Twenty-one.



ATTENTION: When alone, before shi2 or at the end of a word or a sentence, it is pronounced in the first tone. When it precedes a syllable of the first, second or third tone, it is pronounced in the fourth tone. It is pronounced in the second tone when it is followed by a fourth tone.


One; same; also; whole; wholehearted; single; each


As soon as


A note of the scale gongchepu (a traditional Chinese musical notation)


A structural particle:

1. indicating that the action occurs once, lasts for a short time or is a try;

2. used before a verb or a verbal measure word to indicate an action and its result;

3. used before certain words for emphasis

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