Learn Chinese Tones:
Exercise 1

Starting with this post, I’m going to pick up some of the best free Chinese dialogues online and assist you in dealing with Chinese tones.

One of the most read free Chinese lessons online can be found at the website http://www.chinese-tools.com/

If you browse that site, you’ll find 40 very interesting free lessons, the first one at the following page (please click on the following link – a new window will open so that you can keep on reading here my instruction and help): http://www.chinese-tools.com/learn/chinese/01-phonetics-hello.html

Once there, go down to the paragraph “Conversation”. You’ll find two lines of Chinese conversation with both Chinese characters and pinyin.

Found it? Good! Please click on the speakers and listen to the pronunciation.

I do like her pronunciation… so “Mandarin”! And I like her voice as well :-)

Here now we will focus only on tones – difficult enough, I grant you!

You see, when you speak Chinese, whatever you say, you should always have clear in mind the tones (numbers or stress marks) of those syllables you are pronouncing. If you don’t, chances are your pronunciation is incorrect!

So, as said, the first lesson contains two lines of conversation, each line two Chinese characters. For meaning, grammar rules and pronunciation, please refer to the above site. Here we will concentrate only on tones.

Conversation Tones
–  33 !
–  44 !

What now? Click, please, on the “33” and “44” tones combinations. I linked a few more words with the same tones combinations, plus my very personal tones interpretation – forgive me please for that…

The purpose of this post – and this blog – is to help you make your tones perfect. The meaning of what you say is not important now. Please concentrate only on the sounds and try to repeat them with the same pitch variation. And if you have any question, please click on the “Help” link above and ask, I’m here to help.