Learn Chinese is OK…
but what’s that 12345?

What’s that 12345? Simply said, 12345 stands for:

1) First tone;
2) Second tone;
3) Third tone;
4) Fourth tone;
5) Fif…, ehm, sorry, neutral tone.

This blog concentrates on this specific characteristic of Chinese language: tones.

If you still don’t know what Chinese language tones are, please read and practice the following lessons:

Lesson 1 – The Four Basic Tones
Lesson 2 – Words Starting With The First Tone
Lesson 3 – Words Starting With The Second Tone
Lesson 4 – Words Starting With The Third Tone
Lesson 5 – Words Starting With The Fourth Tone

Then come back and choose from this blog your favorite dialogue and my funny, but useful, “tones interpretation”. I wish you like this way of mastering tones!