Learn Chinese for Free - Lesson 4

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Today's Chinese character:

Today's character looks like a man walking, doesn't it? Welcome, Mr. Long-Legs!

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Today with this lesson your characters' knowledge will reach 3.36% of all the Chinese characters usage! 3.36%

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Since you already know how to write "one" and how to write "person", you may be tempted to say that the Chinese for "one person" is:


Sorry, it's wrong. In modern Chinese, a measure word is generally needed between a numeral and a noun. What's a measure word? This subject is so important to deserve as much enphasis as possible.


Choose a Chinese website and try to: 1) recognize any Chinese character you know and 2) find the character ren2 preceded by a numeral plus the needed measure word (one character) - discovering it before tomorrow comes!

That's all for today. Please feel free to browse the rest of this site.

Chinese Character 11 of 1000
character's usage score# 7
frequency 0.9653541%

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-Person, human being, man; everybody; adult; a person engaged in a particular activity; other people; personality; state of one's health; manpower
-A surname

There's no difference between the simplified and the traditional version of this character.Help

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