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Most Commonly Used
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Most Frequently Used
Words and Characters!

From: Giuseppe Romanazzi
Tuesday, 11:47 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Yes, I know, this is really a BAD news:
Chinese language counts more than 50,000 characters - yes, fifty thousands, five hundred hundred! Wow...

...even if you learn 10 characters a day, it would take:

5,000 days,

13.6 years of your life

(714 consecutive Sundays included!)

Do you know how almost every student of mine reacts during her 30 Euro/hour first Chinese class when I give her the bad news? The normal reaction is:

"How many? More than 50,000?!?"

Anyway, before she has the time to say:

"Well, I'm going to learn Spanish!"

I tell her that she doesn't have to learn 50,000 different characters before she really knows Chinese language.

If you too learn the selection of words Chinese people use most - only 152 characters - contained in this page, you'll know 50% of all Chinese language usage, that is 50% of all spoken and written Chinese!

I warmly invite you to read carefully this page and discover how you too can benefit from my experience and knowledge attending NOT EVEN ONE of my expensive Chinese classes.

Anyway, if you now decide to give up and direct your attention to Spanish, French, Italian... I do understand you.

Let me make something perfectly clear:

If you're not willing to dedicate at least 15 minutes each day to Chinese language, if you're not prepared to be assisted by a real teacher...

If you don't want to believe that learning Chinese language requires concentrated, long-term effort...

Then leave this site now. I wish you every happiness with whatever you choose to do, but you're wasting your time.
I can't help you.

Why am I being so harsh? It's simple.

I'm sure that I can help you only if you follow my directions carefully. I don't have any magic machine to connect to your brain so that, after a few seconds... like in The Matrix... you say "I know Chinese!"

I'm sure that I can smooth your learning journey only if you keep moving forward.

I wish you get the same fast results as the following student of mine who wrote:



I teach children here in China, and they are happy that I am trying to talk with them.

They actually understood me--many thanks,

Diana Cole

... or like the following one:


The mp3 player is very useful as well as the sentence building. Just last week all I could do was say hello in Chinese. Thanks to you there is soo much more to that.

I feel that I can quickly learn Chinese because I'm able to learn the most common used words. I plan to be very fluent in a short 6-8 months. Plus it's a lot of fun! :)


So, you still with me? Good, because I'm going to tell you the secret to learn fast to speak Chinese and to make the number of characters you need to learn smaller, smaller and smaller!

The Most Commonly Used Words
* Only 1,000 Characters *
That's All You Need Now!

It might seem a big surprise to someone, but in all languages a relatively few words are spoken (and written) much more frequently than others.

Chinese language is no exception. Illustrious people and institutions have proven it over and over again. For example:

  • 1988, The National Working Committee on Languages and Writing Systems of China;
  • 1988, The Ministry of Education of China;
  • 1996, Tsai;
  • 1998, Da;
  • 1998, He;
  • 1999, Beijing Language and Culture University;
  • 2002, Peking University;
  • 2002, Tsinghua University;
  • 2004, Jun Da...

They studied a huge quantity of modern fiction's dialogues, as well as news reports, articles, books, websites, etc...

What did they find? Are you ready to thrill? (I did)

  • Only 1 single character, the most frequently used, makes up as much as 4% of all spoken and written Chinese language;

  • Only 6 characters make 10% of the usage of Chinese language;

  • Only 152 characters make up 50% of whatever you say, listen or read in Chinese;

  • Only 1,000 characters make up over 89% of the usage of Chinese.

Can you see how all of that precious information positively affects you?

That is great information! You can be sure that everything you listen or read, or everything you will want to say or write in Modern Chinese, 89% of that is composed of a relatively small number of words and characters.

It means that you can focus your effort and time on those words and characters! (instead of words chosen AT RANDOM or 50,000 different characters!) - 5,000% LESS effort and 5,000% LESS time.

Why would you want to waste time and effort trying to memorize words that, chances are, you'd never use again?

Amazing, isn't it?

"Yes, But, Who Are You?"

At this point, you may want to know who I am. Well, I have good and bad news for you.

Good news: I'm not Chinese. Remember, this is a basic course, you start from zero just like I did. I know what learning Chinese really means. My Chinese friends have never faced the same difficulties and obstacles!

As I use to tell to my students, between western languages and Chinese language there's a great wall of difference.

I have already climbed over that wall and now I'm on your side again to climb it together with you. Our Chinese friends have never been on our side of the wall!

Bad news: English is not my mother tongue. While reading this page, don't you feel my Italian accent? :-)

Map of Italy

What you see in the picture is the beautiful Italy, the country in which I live and work.

The areas around Bari (the city where I was born) and Cavezzo (the city where I lived for a few years) are highlighted in yellow.

About testimonials, well, try and ask to any Chinese man or woman living in those areas about me, Giuseppe, the one who can speak Chinese...

I'm not kidding, almost everyone knows me!

That's because I have no difficulty making Chinese friends, actually I'm quite good at that.

Recently I moved to Padova, near Venezia (yes, Venice) and soon have reached my goal to make a lot of new Chinese friends in this area.

Talking Chinese in Rome
Talking Chinese in Rome

Maybe we (me and you) don't share the same interests, but I'm sure about this: we do have at least one thing in common...

  • some point in our lives, we both have wanted to learn Chinese.
Talking Chinese in Prato
Talking Chinese in Prato

I started to learn Chinese language when I was 31 at Beijing Language and Culture University.

After graduation, I've been dedicating a few hours every day to my Chinese friends. We talk, read, study, play together.

In the last years I've even organized Italian language adult classes, and guess what, all students are...

...Chinese, of course! An Italian teacher speaking Chinese is manna from heaven for them!

Get prize

This is Prof. Dong of Beijing Language and Culture University awarding me for an article written in a competition organized by the university.
(Thanks to Andrew who took the picture)


If Only I Had Known This Years Ago!

I really don't like to say "Oh, if only I...", and actually never say that. It's easy to be wise after the event and, after all, what is done is done.

But, I'm going to say that here, over and over again, for one simple reason:

The sake of you.

I want that you benefit from what NOW I know and avoid the mistakes I made when, like you, started to learn Chinese.

That's why I've created the "1,000 Chinese Characters" Daily Course.

I wish you feel like this student of mine who wrote:


I find myself as Chinese person only after 20 lessons!!

Ali M. Ismaeel

Please consider how the following problems have been brilliantly solved, so that you won't need to say "Oh, if only I..."

Problem #1 - See Below The Solution!
If Only I Had Known
More Chinese Grammar Rules Sooner!

Grammar rules in dribs and drabs: that's how I'd define the kind of approach to grammar made by not a few text-books, especially those made by Chinese authors.

When I was in Beijing, in my classroom all the raised questions were about grammar rules - a lot of questions. Teachers were great, text-books so and so.

Western people are not afraid of grammar, we want to know everything as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Western authors often make a different big mistake: they want to explain Chinese grammar, but apply the logic of English (or Italian, French...) grammar!

So you can find Chinese grammar books with subheadings such as:

  • Present Tense;
  • Past Tense;
  • Future Tense;

But the point is that there is NO present tense or past tense or future tense in Chinese!!!

I know, this kind of approach is intended to make things sound familiar to an English reader, but it's misleading and doesn't help to "think Chinese".

Solution #1
You Are Going To Understand
A Lot Of Chinese Grammar Rules
- Easily Explained!

In my course, Chinese grammar is explained applying the logic of Chinese grammar.

And since 1,000 Chinese characters make up over 89% of Chinese language usage, I was able to include in the course ALL grammar rules I could think of!

Just a few examples:

  • Measure Words;

  • Verbal Predicate Sentence;

  • The Declarative “是” Sentence;

  • “是” For Emphasis;

  • The Attributive Genitive;

  • The Negative “是” Sentence;

  • Questions With “吗”;

  • The Affirmative-Negative Question;

  • Adjectival Predicate Sentence;

  • The Elliptical Question With “呢”;

  • The Conjunction “和”;

  • Attributive Genitive Without 的;

  • The Subject-Predicate Construction;

  • Adverbial Adjuncts;

  • Time Words Used As An Adverbial Adjunct;

  • Nominal Predicate Sentence;

  • Time Words Used As A Subject;

  • Time Words Used As A Predicate;

  • Numeral-Measure Compounds Acting As Attributives;

  • Measure Words Omission;

  • Interrogative Word “什么”;

  • The Sentence with Verbal Constructions in Series;

  • Interrogative Word “谁”;

  • Interrogative Word “哪”;

  • Questions with “是不是”;

  • Interrogative Word “哪里”;

  • The Complement Of Result;

  • The Potential Complement;

  • The Complement Of Frequency;

  • The Complement Of Duration;

  • The Complement Of Quantity;

  • Directional Complement;

  • ...

  • ...

  • ...the list is simply too long!

Problem #2 - See Below The Solution!
If Only I Had
Focused My Attention On
The Most Frequently Spoken Words!

In Beijing, I didn't take long to realize that memorize characters is... difficult - and here I'm sure there's not even a hint of surprise on your part!

At that time I even had nightmares of Chinese characters assaulting and trying to eat me!

I was good at my job, spent a lot of time writing again and again a lot of words, always testing my ability to remember and read them.

I even made my own multicolored flashcards (I still have bags full of those flashcards - nice memories).

But you know what? Only a relatively few of them have been really very useful. If I'd have concentrated first my attention on those few words, I'd have had better results sooner.

It's a matter of priority.

Furthermore, the motto "use it or lose it" is absolutely true. If you don't use again soon or find again soon a word that you've just studied, you simply forget it!

Solution #2
You Are Going To
Focus Your Attention On
The Most Frequently Spoken Words!

With my course you're not going to waste your time with Chinese words and characters that are not commonly used.

You WILL HAVE TO learn more words and characters, but why learn them now if, chances are, you're not going to use them again soon?

Every day you will receive dialogues or useful sentences progressively composed of only the most frequently used words and characters.

At a frequency, on average, of a little more than 3 characters per day, the 1,000 most commonly used Chinese characters will knock at your email box door ready to introduce themselves and teach you how to speak Chinese!

4% of all the Chinese spoken or written language is composed of this single character. It is by far the #1 most commonly used!

You'll find it for the first time in Lesson 13.

This is the second most commonly used!

Introduced in Lesson 1.

This is the third!

Introduced in Lesson 12.

Here's the fourth!

Introduced in Lesson 15.

This is the fifth!

Introduced in Lesson 84.


Introduced in Lesson 68.

The following are characters from the 7th to the 152nd most commonly used. Learn only these 152 characters and you'll be able to understand 50% of everything you find in Chinese!


For the complete list of the 1,000 most commonly used Chinese characters (making up over 89% of the spoken and written Chinese language) click here.

Problem #3 - See Below The Solution!
If Only I Hadn't Been
So Distracted By Pin-Yin!
and at the same time...

Problem #4 - See Below The Solution!
If Only I Hadn't Been
So Tormented By Characters!

I've studied Chinese with the support of a few books. All of them (at least for the first lessons) use both pin-yin and characters. That is good, we're not Chinese, we NEED pin-yin.

Just in case you don't know, pin-yin is the system of Romanized spelling for the Chinese characters, used by Chinese dictionaries.

In the example below (its meaning is: "How are you?") you can see how text-books use both pin-yin and characters.




So what's wrong here? Well, the problem is that when we have to read a text with both characters and pin-yin, we read ONLY pin-yin!

I still remember my teacher in Beijing asking:

"Do you read pin-yin or characters?"

The answer was always an unanimous:

"Pin-yin :-( "

Even I still need to discipline my eyes to read characters, not pin-yin!

The truth is that Teacher could tell us hundreds of times "read characters!", but we still would be reading pin-yin.

What's the result? When the text-book quits using pin-yin (or when we read something in the real world), then we are all of a sudden completely lost.

Let's imagine this situation:

In a text or a dialogue you find a character you've already studied, but don't remember its meaning (or its pronunciation).

For example, let's say you find the same sentence mentioned above, but ,this time, without pin-yin.

It's easy now for you to just go up a little and find again its pin-yin (you did, I'm sure you did ;-)

Anyway, with your text-book might not be that easy. You start again from page zero scanning your book in search of that character...

...and again...

...and again...


Often happens that you give up with the book and try with your dictionary, figuring out radical, number of strokes... and that 20 minutes have passed!

But do you know what I found most frustrating? Sometime (disappointment to the cubic power) you even realize that the unknown character has never been used nor explained in any of the previous lessons!

How could this problem might be solved? I, as your teacher, might tell you "try to recognize characters from the very first lesson, look at pin-yin only if you don't remember the pronunciation of the character..."

Or, better solution:

Solution #3 and Solution #4
Your Characters Reading
Is Going To Be Refreshing
With The Help Of Pin-Yin!

In the '1,000 Chinese Characters' Daily Course, pin-yin does not distract you from reading characters - you start reading characters (not pin-yin) from the very first lesson!

The sentence mentioned above, in the course looks like the following:


Only characters? NO!

Pin-yin is still there ready to help you! Just roll the mouse pointer over any character and its pin-yin would appear.

With my course you don't need to spend 20 minutes for just that one character that still has not found its stable place among your synapses.

What if you don't remember the meaning of a character?

Easy! Just click on it and a window will open to the exact point where that character (or word) was introduced in a previous lesson, helping you to review and memorize.

Try now and click on the sentence ni2hao3ma5

I wish you like this method, like the following student of mine who wrote:


Your course is my best way to learn Chinese. I find that it's easy and accessible to build up very strong base.

I mean your way in visualizing the Chinese characters makes the student never forget what he/she already learn. That is what I have found in myself after just your introduction, I save the characters not the pinyin!!

Thanks a lot,

360 Daily Lessons
Directly In Your Email Box
And In Your Private Area

The "1,000 Chinese Characters" Daily Course that you're going to get in the next few minutes is packed with everything you need to learn to speak, read and write Chinese language.

  • A huge total of 6000+ pages of clear study material;

  • Mp3 files with the pronunciation of each character;

  • The most used Chinese words;

  • Everything about the most used Chinese characters;

  • Traditional and simplified forms of each character;

  • Clear animations (gif animations) showing the correct order of strokes;

  • Stimulating exercises;

  • Useful sentences and dialogues from everyday life;

Every lesson is sent directly to your email inbox and is also stored in your Private Area, a password protected area of this site, customized just for you.

This is very beneficial, because you'll always be able to access and review all lessons back to Lesson 1.

Yes, from the comfort of your home you are going to:

  • Use wisely your time focusing on the most frequently used Chinese words and characters;

  • Give a deep sigh of relief knowing that you don't need to learn 50,000 different characters!

  • Words and characters are introduced and used progressively;

  • All new words and sentences are progressively formed only by those Chinese characters you've previously studied;

  • Don't waste time searching for strange, never mentioned words;

  • Learn Chinese grammar and the logic of Chinese grammar;

  • Understand ALL grammar rules;

  • Be helped (not distracted) by pin-yin;

  • Don't let characters torment you, just click on them and know everything about them;

  • Read Chinese characters from the very first lesson!

  • You'll not even be tempted to read only pin-yin.

The only better way to enjoy the same easy would be to have me come daily to your home, 15 minutes a day for 360 days - but you'd pay me about $6,300 (air tickets not included)! :-)

I do understand why for a lot of us would be impossible to attend private lessons, that's why I've decided to limit the price of my online course to only 50 cents a lesson!

LIMITED TIME OFFER UPDATE! I've decided to offer the 360 lessons course for just $97! -- a deep 46% discount. It's a test to see if I can at least double my sales. However, please be warned: If I don't double my sales, tomorrow, or even later today, the price will be $180 again. So if you're interested, I advise you to order the course immediately. If you don't order now and come back tomorrow just to find that this special update is gone, there's nothing I can do.

I do understand also how big is the need for a student to ask questions, to have a teacher always available for further explanation and clarification.

That's why I've decided to give away the following FREE EXTRA BONUS:

** FREE Extra Bonus #1 **
A $18,750 Value!
Get Free 500 Hours
Of *MY* Personal Support

I admit that this free offer makes me a little anxious, for two reasons:

  1. I'd be willing to, but I simply don't have enough time to answer the questions of hundreds of enthusiastic students who will join this offer;

  2. Maybe you are one of my private lessons' student.

    How can I justify this free 500 hours offer while I asked you to pay me 30 Euro/hour?

    I still don't know what to say... I just feel quite embarrassed.

That's why I must limit the number of students to only 20-25.

I've got only 24 hours a day (and Doctor says I should get enough rest). So, as soon as the 25th student gets this free bonus, I will drop this special offer.

If you come tomorrow and don't find it... you already know why.

Anyway, since you can read this offer, it means that you're still in time, if you order now, to steal 500 hours of my time and, for example, ask me:

  • ask me to listen if your pronunciation is correct (can even send me mp3 files);

  • ask me to check if your homeworks are correct;

  • ask me to further explain whatever you need;

  • ask me to see if you write correctly;

  • ask me how to say something you really need;

  • ask me why this and why that...

*** NEW ***

** FREE Extra Bonus #2 **
50 MP3 Native Chinese Speakers Recordings

50 useful dialogues recorded on MP3 files and written with both characters and pin-yin, so that you can focus your attention on Chinese pronunciation.

You'll listen what to say when:

  • meeting someone;
  • making an acquaintance;
  • making an inquiry about places, dates, time, family members, jobs...
  • asking for directions;
  • going shopping;
  • on the bus;
  • at the post office;
  • ...

** FREE Extra Bonus #3 **
Play Chinese Chess Online

Click to enlarge

Play chess moving Chinese characters!

In this online game you can play against a friend or against your computer.

In Chinese chess, the board, the pieces and their movements are quite different from the Western version.

That's why you'll find very useful the detailed and illustrated tutorial included.

Absolutely NO RISK On Your Part

I know how I feel when I find online something that I want to purchase: I feel nervous.

And if I don't know anything about that website, or if the owner or the company is in another country (maybe like me, I'm in Italy!), I feel even more nervous.

I want to do my best to make you feel exactly how anyone who actually knows me would feel: safe and tranquil.

To this end, I now insist that you order the "1,000 Chinese Characters" Daily Course entirely at my risk.

That’s why this course comes with a Risk-Free, ONE YEAR 100% Money-Back Guarantee. There’s absolutely NO RISK on your part.

I want you to feel absolutely certain there’s no way you can "get taken."

Furthermore, please consider this:

I'm respected by Worldpay and they are more than willing to accept in my name payments from around the world, "safely and securely" as they use to say.

Otherwise, they wouldn't accept to process payments from my site anymore!

If you don't like the course for ANY reason - even because you don’t like the font used to write it - you can e-mail me for an immediate hassle-free 100% refund of your $180 $97 (this offer is valid only today!) purchase price.

And since the course is online, there's nothing to ship back. Like I said, getting a refund is hassle-free.

If You're Serious
About Learning Chinese,
Ordering This Course Now
Is The Best Thing To Do!

What's your main goal in learning Chinese?

  • Find a better job?

  • Become rich?

  • Marriage?

  • Traveling?

  • Philanthropy?

  • Do business?

  • Schooling?

  • Stock Exchange?

  • Ward off Alzheimer's disease?

  • Your love for Chinese language?

Whatever it is, my exhortation is: don't let Chinese language intimidate you. Remember, more than 1,500,000,000 people speak Chinese. If they can do it, so can you!

The secret is: keep moving forward. With language, the learning curve is more like a staircase. Just when you feel you are not improving, you suddenly realize you have made progress.

A few seconds after your order, you'll get your Lesson 1 and in only a few minutes...

  • ...your advancement of language knowledge will reach 2.04%!

  • After Lesson 2, your advancement of language knowledge will reach 2.26%!

  • After only 13 lessons you'll have abundantly surpassed 13%!

  • At Lesson 71 you'll be knowing 33% of all Chinese characters usage - yes, one third of all spoken or written Chinese!

I will guide you, step by step, until you know more than 89% of all Chinese language usage!

So keep your attitude positive, don't hesitate and order my course now!

You will be glad you did.

Glad as the following student of mine who wrote:


Initially, I had some qualms. I thought whether this one would also ultimately turn out to be just another riffraff. But thank Goodness, IT WORKED!

Although I'm too busy to sit everyday, I've experienced DRAMATIC improvement in learning Chinese! Instead of getting afraid, I feel only unmixed joy and pure delight whenever I open this site.

Giuseppe, you and your site have enthralled and overpowered me. You and this site have done MAGIC! Be it the concourse on tones, or on meanings and etymological discussions, or about dealing with difficult Chinese grammar rules and pronunciation, you have exceled everywhere.

At least, I DO think I've had more than 100% my money back.

Shibamouli Lahiri


Giuseppe Romanazzi
translator, interpreter, Chinese teacher
CEO, WearYourChineseName


I did it just for fun, but the result shocked me!

I decided to analyse the home page of the famous Chinese web site and highlight in yellow those characters belonging to the list of 1,000 most frequently used Chinese characters.

When I saw how YELLOW was the result, I couldn't believe my eyes - and still I don't!

Snapshot of a recent home 
page of
The Chinese symbols that
you'll learn in the course
'1,000 Chinese Characters' 
are highlighted in yellow.

Now I'm absolutely sure, this is the real proof that after you learn the most frequently used words, you'll be able to read and understand almost everything of what you find in Chinese!


Most important, today you get MY PERSONAL support at no extra cost! For the ridiculous price of $97 I will assist and help you for a total of 500 hours! But please be warned, this offer is valid only for 20-25 students. Now you can be one of them, tomorrow I don't know.

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